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a creative gaming community

So you want to make a board game...

We want to help

Who we are

Our growing community is built by passionate people with creative skills to turn ideas into tabletop games.

Why we are

We believe games are best made the same way they are best enjoyed: together.

Where you are

Do you have an awesome idea for a game, but are overwhelmed by the complexity of making it? Welcome home.

How it starts

Join our forums and see how the community of creators are building better games together.

And not just designers

TableTopolis is for everyone who wants to help create tabletop games:

  • Developers
  • Playtesters
  • Artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Idea Havers
  • Curious Observers
  • and so many more

It takes a village

No one should have to make their game alone.

Inspire, collaborate, and discuss new ideas among people with a wide variety of experience and skills in tabletop gaming.

Make Your Game

Build an audience of engaged future customers.

Find out what your players want.

Invite people to playtest your prototypes.

Evaluate new ideas with and from your audience.

Get advice on subjects like licensing or production.

Put your designs in front of potential publishers.

Help Make Games

Test out new titles before they’re even released.

See what your favorite designers are working on.

Contribute ideas and opinions on content and mechanics.

Follow along with the creative journey.

Be a part of creating the next hit game.

Discover potential gigs for your skilled work.

Oh, and it's all free

Welcome home

New citizens should report to our forums, where ideas are forged into games. If you’re designing your own game, reply in the New Design Thread to get a sub-category and channel for your audience to use.

Once you’re settled in, join our Discord server to connect with the community live. Use the playtest lobby to find people to play with, then jump into a game session room to chat via text or voice while you play.

A plan in action

Our founding sponsor, Join In Games™, is launching their business and first game via TableTopolis.

Learn how Join In Games is leveraging our platform to establish their brand and make their game designs better.

Provide Value

Offer content and early access that gives the audience an inside look.

Invite Participation

Engage via live streaming design, online playtesting, and forum brainstorming.

Earn Customers

Win the support of dedicated fans as early adopters who will spread the word.